Snails Recent roadmap and Airdrop Event

Hi! Welcome to Snails Family!

This is the first article about There must be many people who have interests in our project. Take it easy, man. As snails always say: slow is fast. We are moving forward. Our recent scope of business includes contracts, frontend, backend, community building and so on these days. Everything will be better!

Everyone can get information about Snails on our docs. But allow me reintroduce Snails here. Snails Finance constructs the first StableCoin Swap AMM on NEAR Protocol (Yep, complex rust is our mother language, not easily forked solidity!). Snails Stable Swap (SSS for short) allows users and other protocols to swap different stablecoins on NEAR with very low slippages and low transaction fees. We initially supports swaps between USDT, USDC & BUSD (the Snails-3pool) on NEAR Protocol. More pools will be brought in later.

As a Defi faithful, Snails Finance is on its way to open up more NEAR lands. More Legos will be built in the future. Our recent roadmap is listed below, which is also a part of our roadmap in our docs.

Recent roadmap (Q4 2021):

  • Website
  • Community build. Twitter/Telegram/Medium (Discord will be later)
  • Deploy contracts on NEAR
  • Audit submitting
  • Testnet online. Launch SnailStableSwap base features: Snails-3pool, Swap, Liquidity add/remove, Farm
  • Airdrop event
  • Mainnet online
  • Initial Token launch
  • Bonus Rewards Period beginning
  • Implement buy-back & burn mechanisms on SNAIL
  • List SNAIL on major data sites
  • List SNAIL on centralized exchanges

Another piece of exciting news is the airdrop event! As mentioned in our docs, we are planning to build a not so “capitalism” DAO to govern Snails’ development. People who make more contributions to Snails will have stronger voice in Snails’ governance. Back to the story, recent airdrop event is to reward people who help building community at the early stage of Snails.

Airdrop event — 20211022:

Total airdrops: 2,000,000 tokens !!!

Hardcap: 1 billion

StartTime: 2021.Oct.22 AM 12:00 UTC

Lasting: 8 weeks.

EndTime: 2021.Dec.17 AM 12:00 UTC

Notes * : Legal wallets that have completed old community task before will obtain certain airdrops. They can participate below tasks for new airdrops.

There are three types of task to get rewards: Join Community, Referral and Testnet interactive. Airdrop amount of each task is shown in below table.

Airdrop Event 20211022
  1. The earlier you join Snails, the more you will get.
  2. Join Community is the “Must finish” task. Welcome to Snails Family!
  3. There are 8 max referrals for each wallet. We set this limit to avoid scammers abusing wallets.
  4. The remaining tokens after TOP 700 candidates sharing will be distributed equally to the rest candidates. However, if the rest candidates are too few, there will be an up limit to each one. In this circumstance, remainning tokens will be back to Snails airdrop fund for future incentives.

How to connet to your Testnet wallet:

All airdrop tasks need you to connet your Testnet wallet firstly. That’s because Snails Finance is initially deployed on NEAR testnet, so we need you to connect your NEAR testnet wallet to complete interactive actions with Snails functions.

Thus, first vist the Snails official website ( Click “Connect to NEAR” button at the topright of the webpage to connect to your Testnet wallet . You may need to create a NEAR testnet wallet if you don’t have one. If you need assistance on creating NEAR testnet wallet, see NEAR official turorial (

However, you have to provide your Mainnet wallet address in our google form in “Join Community” task to receive airdrops. Rewards will only be airdroped to your Mainnet wallet address.

How to complete “Join Community” task:

  1. Vist Snails official website (
  2. Go to “Join Community” task.
Join Snails Community!

3. Complete step 2–5, remember to provide your mainnet wallet address in google form in step 5.

4. We will do additional checks on the social accounts.

How to complete “Referral” task:

  1. Vist Snails official website (
  2. Go to “Join Community” task.
Referral task

3. You can refer your friends to join Snails using the referral link upon. Click “Copy” to get it.

4. Once your referral link is visited, your referrer needs to complete at least “Join Community” task to be an effective referrer.

5. We will do multi checks to authenticate all wallet address and referrals. If your referral passes our check, your legal referral amounts will +1, else illegal referral will +1.

How to complete “Testnet interactive” task:

Testnet interactive task will be open soon! Stay tuned.

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Yours sincerely,

Snails team

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